Our team understands that dental emergencies can be traumatic and painful. Committed to your overall health and safety, we provide emergency dental care any time of day. Although we hope that none of our patients ever suffer with a dental emergency, we do believe that patient education and awareness of emergency procedures will help save a patient’s teeth.

What are some types of dental emergencies?

  • Chipped teeth

  • Fractured/ Cracked teeth

  • Knocked out teeth

  • Dislodged teeth

  • Lost crowns or fillings

  • Injury to the soft tissues of the mouth

  • Object stuck between teeth

What are some tips for if I have a dental emergency?

  • If your teeth are chipped, gather the pieces of your tooth if possible. Bring these pieces when you visit our office. In some cases, we may be able to reattach the broken pieces with dental bonding.

  • Sometimes a tooth fracture cannot be seen with the naked eye and presents no symptoms other than an intense pain when you bite. If you experience sudden pain when applying pressure to a tooth, make an appointment with us immediately or try our Ask A Holistic Dentist Online Service

  • If your tooth is completely knocked out, place it in milk or Save-a-Tooth solution (available at most pharmacies). If this solution or milk is unavailable, place the tooth in your mouth near your cheek. You goal is to try to keep the tooth alive.  Do not place the tooth in water or touch the roots.  Sometimes we can reattach knocked-out teeth, and you have the greatest chances of successful reattachment if we can treat you within one hour of your accident.

  • If your tooth is knocked out of position or dislodged from the socket, avoid touching it. When you come to our office, we will reposition your tooth and stabilize it with a splint.

  • For lost crowns or fillings, purchase dental cement from your local pharmacy and apply it to the affected area to prevent discomfort or reattach the crown until we can treat you. Clove oil is beneficial for pain relief as well.

  • If you experience trauma to your lips, gums, cheeks, or tongue, apply pressure to the area with gauze to stop the bleeding. If bleeding does not stop within half an hour, call our office or go to an emergency room.

  • For an object stuck between your teeth, try to remove it with flossing. If this does not work, do not try to remove it with any other tool. Make an appointment with us and we will remove the object in the gentlest, safest way possible.