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Ask a Holistic Dentist

Ask a Holistic Dentist is a new consultation service that might save you pain and suffering from unnecessary surgery and spending thousands of dollars!!!! And you don't have to travel anywhere, simply stay at home!

The process is simple! There are three steps.

Step 1) Send an email to describing your tooth/gums situation (be as detailed as possible) and send us any photo's, x-rays or documentation from your present or previous dentist.

Step 2) We will contact you back via email, offer you a time when you can speak with the doctor over the phone and discuss your dental issues.

Step 3) After confirming the time, we will contact you over the phone, process a payment (one time fee $200) using your credit or debit card. When transaction is complete, we will connect you with our holistic doctor.

This service is only for US calls. If you are outside the United States, we can arrange a Skype, FaceTime or other connection for you to speak with our holistic team. For more information please email us at

Our goal is to empower patients to be educated consumers. Often you are rushed into making immediate decisions because you are in pain and the treatment plans do not offer less invasive, safer, or more natural options. Many times doctors base their treatment plans on your insurance plan allowances, which not might be the best solution. Only with knowledge can the patient become a partner in the decision rather than a victim. We suggest you keep a wellness log.

We offer alternatives to root canals, mercury amalgams and volatile BPA fillings, periodontal surgery, implants, sleep medicine, TMJ, orthodontics, and virtually any pediatric dental procedure. We can effect the outcome of your treatment even though your doctor, who may not be holistically oriented or in agreement, is providing the service from another city, state, or country. How can we alter your prognosis without a physical examination? Every dentist knows how to treat holistically, but because they have been taught only one way, their diagnosis and "intentions" are one-sided. It is our profound belief and experience that an educated consumer can effect a doctors "intentions" by demanding a certain outcome in advance. The marketplace rules all business. You can change providers. For example, many vital teeth with a deep cavity are diagnosed as needing a root canal, when a more careful excavation of the decay and placement of an herbal filling would save the tooth. If the doctor's intention is to perform a root canal and kill that tooth, you can bet that will be the final outcome. If you had reviewed your x-ray with us before starting the service, subconsciously you alter the doctor's plan. Another example, a mother recently asked us to examine her 2 year old child, whom a pediatric dentist had recommended six metal crowns. After carefully cleaning off stains, we informed the mom that no treatment would be needed at this time and that the slight decay could re-mineralize by using an alkaline diet.

While it is possible and often rewarding to research a medical condition through the internet, that does not replace a professional opinion based on your personal documentation, such as radiographs. Ask a Holistic Dentist will be provided by a licensed NYS dentist or holistic hygienist. (Limited Liability: Ask a Holistic Dentist is not meant to replace a hands-on physical examination by a dentist).